Terms & Conditions - ltd Library

Thank you for choosing to work with Laura Thompson Designs.

These terms and conditions are regarding the purchase of a single colour-way of a design from the 'ltd Library' service for producing onto one agreed product area only, you are referred to as 'the client' here within.


On purchase of a design the client will:

  • Receive a .JPEG file at 300 dpi in a 20cm (unless otherwise stated) square seamless repeat tile in RGB colour mode. 

  • Hold the license to be permitted to exclusively produce this colour-way of design on the agreed product application, for reproduction on unlimited units, for a 3 year period.

  • Not own the copyright of the design. The copyright is withheld at all times by Laura Thompson Designs.

  • Not be permitted to sub-license the design to any third party.

  • Not be permitted to amend, change or edit the design in anyway unless permission has been granted by Laura Thompson Designs.

  • Understand that the design or elements within the design may already be, or will be in future, involved in other licensing deals with other companies for different product applications to what has been agreed; the client will hold exclusivity for producing the design(s) colour-way(s) on the agreed product application.


On purchase of a design Laura Thompson Designs will:


  • Ensure privacy is kept about the purchase and intentions of the client and their business until a date at which the product emerges publicly and it is appropriate to promote by either party.

  • Not offer that colour-way in the design to any other clients who have the intention of producing the design on the same or similar product application as agreed between Laura Thompson Designs and the client. However, the designs and all its colour-ways may become part of separate licensing deals with other companies for different product applications.

  • Withhold the right to use the design or any elements or motifs contained within the design for any product within the 'Laura Thompson Designs' brand at any time.

  • Contact the client when the license is due to end to discuss whether the client wishes to renew the agreement.
    If not renewed, once the license agreement ends, opportunity for the design to be produced on the agreed product area will then become available to other clients. Laura Thompson Designs accepts that there will be remaining units that the client will hold, but asks the client to cease further reproduction. New clients who are interested in licensing a design which has previously been produced on the particular product area before will be informed of such before purchase. 


Once payment is received, designs are non refundable. Laura Thompson Designs reserves the right to end this agreement if the terms and conditions are not met by the client or take legal action if the design(s) are produced outside the agreement or in a way not agreed to within the purchase.



Please note that the colours in the designs seen on screen are likely to be considerably different to when the design is applied to or printed on your intended fabric. This is due to differing screen colour outputs and resolutions, the differences in RGB versus CMYK colour printing, the type of fabric (its fibre composition, the weave, the thickness).


Laura Thompson Designs always advises that pre-production samples are obtained and checked by the client before full production takes place. Laura Thompson Designs can take no responsibility for differing colours as a result of the printing process or mistakes by the manufacturer. Please do get in touch if you require your purchased design to be converted into another colour profile which may be advised by your print manufacturer. I am very happy to do this free of charge. 




The purchase of a design includes reproduction onto one agreed product area only, examples of design applications are below:


Fabric for Apparel/Clothing

Bags and Purses


Socks and Hosiery

Hair bands/Scrunchies and Other Hair Accessories


Table Cloths

Tea Towels

Bedding and Throws


Upholstery Fabric

(It is the responsibility of the client to ensure such fabrics are suitable for upholstery/fitted coverings, in terms of UK fire safety legislation)



Other Kitchenware

Travel mugs/Lunch Box

Placemats and Coasters

Napkins, Paper Plates and Cups


Stationery/Writing Sets/Notebooks

Greetings Cards

Gift Wrapping Paper

Gift bags and Boxes,

Invitation/Save the Date Cards


Product Packaging

Marketing Materials


Plus any other uses discussed and accepted by Laura Thompson Designs prior to the purchase.



Fees are listed with each design individually and is calculated depending on how many colour-ways are available in the design and its uniqueness or complexity. Payment of fees are required up front before the artwork is supplied.



20% off any additional colour-ways of the same design purchased at any time, including after the original purchase. For example, you may trial the design on your product and find it to be a good seller, and decide to bring out an additional colour option for your customers. 

Discounts are also available if you wish to produce the design on more than one product. Contact to discuss your requirements.



As many clients shop for pattern design for particular seasons of the year to launch in collections, often clients are working to colour stories and wish their ranges to look cohesive.

With this in mind Laura Thompson Designs would like to offer a free of charge colour amendment service to clients who purchase 5 or more designs from the Ltd Library collection in one transaction.

I can work to a colour palette supplied or use one of the designs as the hero and tweak the others to complement. Simply email to discuss your needs. 

I look forward to working with you, Laura. x

United Kingdom

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