The ltd Library is an online source of seamless surface pattern designs created by Laura Thompson Designs, available to exclusively license for application on a variety of product areas. You can browse the designs on this site through the members pages. To sign up, click the profile logo at the top right of the menu bar and you will be taken through the registration process. Click 'Enter Here' Below for more information about the ltd Library.

Recent Bespoke Projects

Shared Earth

A series of surface designs created for use on reusable 100% biodegradable eco coffee cups made from rice husks. The artwork included both digitally drawn designs and hand-painted watercolour illustrations, based on two trend-led themes suggested by Laura.


The challenge of the project was to ensure the pattern appeared balanced top to bottom and matched up around at the back of the cup taking into account the truncated cone shape of the product.

Available to purchase from Shared Earth

I also undertake bespoke freelance design projects which are available on a licensing basis or sales of artwork outright. If you are looking for an artist and designer to create something very unique to you or your business, whether you have your own brief or would like advice on trends, I can create seamless surface patterns and artwork to adorn your products, packaging or to add something special to your brand. To discuss your project please email me directly or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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