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How can I access the ltd Library?

The library is only available to view by members who sign up using the registration form. Click the profile logo at the top right of the menu bar and you will be taken through the registration process. Your request will be reviewed shortly and when approved, you will be able to see all of the designs. 


Can I request to change the colours in a design?

Generally designs are purchased as seen, however i'd be happy to make small changes for example brightening or darkening the design, or tweaking the base colour of the design as long as the result is not too similar to an existing colour-way in that design.


In addition to this, if you purchase 5 or more designs from the library in one transaction, you will be offered the FREE colour amendment service as explained in the Terms and Conditions under the 'Extras' section.

Can I change the placement or scale of the design?

In terms of placement of motifs: not currently. The designs in the library are purchased as shown.

However, you may wish for motifs to be a particular approximate size within the design so that it works for the type of product application. I'd be happy to make simple changes to the scale of the overall design free of charge for you.


Any other more complex adjustments may incur an additional charge, I will advise you according to your needs. 

I'm looking for something that your library doesn't have, can I make requests?

Yes Please! I'll always be open to hearing what you are on the hunt for and if it is something I feel would also be a good seller within my library, I'd love to work on it! In these cases, pop an email through to me with your request and I'll get back to you. If I decide to create something based on your recommendation, I will give you the first chance to claim the resulting designs and all colour-ways before I add them to the library for other clients to consider.  

How can I secure the design I like?

You can hit the 'Enquire' button and be forwarded to email your interest in the design with the design's code automatically inserted into the subject line. If you are interested in more than one design, don't feel that you need to send multiple emails, you can pop the other codes in the same email and I can deal with all the enquiries at once. Or send me an email directly to laurathompsondesigns@outlook.com


Designs are for purchase on a first come first served basis. I will then send you a watermarked version of the design(s) of interest to scale showing rulers along side so you can see the size of the motifs and full repeat. I ask kindly that you make your decision within 48 hours of receiving the watermarked proof, as there may be other clients interested in the design. 

How often do you add new designs to the library and how will I know about it?

Every client is offered the chance to sign up to an email newsletter which will ensure you are the first to know when the new designs are live to view.

How long is the license for?

The license is for 3 years, although the license may be revoked earlier if the terms and conditions are breached by the client. Licenses can be extended upon request. I will also contact clients before licenses are due to end to discuss renewals. 

I'm looking for something completely unique and exclusive to my business, can you offer this?

Yes! For this I can offer you the Ltd Bespoke service. I regularly take commissions to create specific repeat patterns and placement graphics based on client's requests and trends, offered through a fully exclusive licensing agreement or through an outright sale/copyright transfer. Please email me directly to discuss your project in more detail.

Do I own the copyright when I purchase a design from the ltd Library?

No. You hold the permission to produce that design(s) in the single colour-way(s) onto one agreed product area only, for the duration of the agreement. Or as negotiated and agreed to in your individual license terms. The copyright is always retained by Laura Thompson Designs and the right to use the design and any elements contained within for Laura Thompson Designs own branded product or for separate licensing deals with other companies, for other products at any time. However, the design(s) in the single colour-way(s) will not be licensed to any third party for production onto the same product area as agreed, for the duration of the agreement. Please read the Terms and Conditions fully and carefully.      

My question hasn't been answered here! What can I do?

Email me directly or use the contact form below to ask your questions.

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